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Terms & Conditions of Use

1. Our Terms

Once you have begun to use and access our website, you will be making an agreement to follow the rules of the Terms of Use of the iChat24 website. By using our website, you will be agreeing to abide by our rules, and well as abiding any regulations or laws in your area. You will be responsible for your own actions and you will be held accountable for any local laws that that could be broken through the use if our website. This website and its content is under the protection of copyright and trademark laws. Should there be any concerns with our terms or do not feel that you will be able to follow our rules, then you will be prohibited from further using our chat rooms, mobile apps or message boards.

2. License

iChat24 grants only a limited time use of both forums and chat rooms on this website for personal use. By using our website, you are not permitted copy or modify any of the content that is provided by this website. Under the license of this website, you are not allowed to:

Copy or modify any works that might appear on the iChat24 website.

Copy, reverse engineer or modify any of the software that can be found through the iChat24 website.

Use any of the content or material on our website for commercial use or profit. This includes in public use, whether it is used for non-commercial or commercial use.

Remove anything from the website that is copyrighted. All materials that are featured on this site belong to iChat24.

Transfer, move or remove content to another website or person to another server or website. If you are found to be violating any of our rules, your iChat24 account may be terminated without notice or warning.

3. Our Disclaimer

The material within iChat24 mobile device or website will always be presented up front and as is. iChat24 does not claim to produce content for this website that might at any time be warranted as a representation of likely results, accuracy. Please view the iChat24 disclaimer at the bottom of this page for any further details or question you might have regarding this subject.

4. Limitations

There are no circumstances in which iChat24 be held accountable or responsible for possible wrong doings. This is including, but not limited to, loss of information such as data or any damages to your account. If you are dealing with technical issues and are unable to access the content on iChat24's website, you may need to contact someone outside of the website if the issue is not of our own. This can include any damages that you might be facing. Certain limitations on implied warranties might not be available in your particular jurisdictions. Limitations might not always apply to your situation. Please contact iChat24 for any further questions on this issue.

5. Revisions

Any and all content appearing on iChat24's website could include image errors, technical issues or typos. iChat24 does not warrant that any of the content on this website is accurate, current or complete. iChat24 may make changes to the content on its website without any notice at any time. However, iChat24 does not make any promise that material will be updated on a regular basis.

6. Our Links

iChat24 does not claim to have had the chance yet to look over any or all of the links that have been provided to this site. This website cannot be held responsible for whatever material that might be contained within. Any links or material within that you might find through our website does not necessarily represent the views of iChat24. By clicking any links and visiting any outside websites, a user is taking the risk of seeing material and opinions that they might not wish to view.

7. Our Terms of Use

iChat24 might be changing its Terms of Use at any given time. By viewing the Terms of Use, you will be promising to abide by latest edition of this service. Our website may update its Terms of Use page at any given time and without notice.

8. The Law

If a legal claim of any kind is made that relates to iChat24's website, it will be reviewed and governed through any rules or regulations according to the United States of America. This is without recognizing any issues that might come up with any particular law provisions.


iChat24.com does not assume or warrant any legal liability or responsibility whatsoever to anything at all available on, in, or from this web site. Any and all opinions, statements or views expression on this website do not necessarily reflect the views, beliefs or opinions of our own. Any opinions or statements expressed by Forum or Chat Room Moderators are of their own beliefs of which we cannot be held responsible for. Any and all links that have been provided to this website are for the sole purpose of providing convenience to our users. Outside parties such as those who provide products and services that they may endorse do not necessarily reflect the opinions of those at iChat24.com, and we cannot be held responsible for the content expressed on those sites. Our company accepts no liability for the content or opinions that are expressed by outside services connected with the website. We have no control over the content expressed on those sites and any of their products or services. If you see something you don't like, please keep in mind that anything you see in chat rooms, message boards or any other communication areas mostly comes straight from other users for 3rd party websites, not from us.

Any information that you, as a user, provide to this website will be stored in a database. All private information will not be disclosed to any 3rd party or sold to websites or businesses. By using iChat24.com, you agree to us keeping information stored in a database for our own use. As stated in our Privacy Policy, we will not disclose any of your personal information to 3rd party websites without your consent. We cannot be held responsible for your account getting hacked or tampered with in any way that, as well as any system failures that could possibly lead to data and information being lost or compromised. It is a user’s personal responsibility to keep their information safe and secure.

iChat24.com will not be held legally responsible for any account that might face deletion or banning. Website users must use their best judgment when using the website and receiving the best experience possible.


The entirety of this website, including the idea, content, format and layout, are subject to copyright. No part of this website may be reproduced in anyway, nor should it be distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. This includes recording electronically or by mechanical methods, photocopying without the prior written permission of the publisher. Anyone who is caught breaching any copyright from this website will be contacted immediately and be told to stop. All site software, text, images, design, photographs, audio and video clips, are under copyright protection.

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